Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Natural Soap Making Training Course

Hello and thank you for your interest in our soapmaking training course. We have an on-going promo for students interested in taking the FULL course (all 3 modules) at N60,000.

Find the course content below:


 Module 1 : Beginner's Soap making

This is the introductory course that will include all the major aspects of natural soap making, including lye safety, saponification values, curing and soap fails. It will be slightly scientific as we discuss the chemistry of soap making and you also get a free basic soap recipe. 
***Includes a compulsory individual practical that will be supervised by our tutors.

 Module 2 : Introduction to Artisan Soap making 

This is an artisan soap making class. Here you will learn how to add art to your creations to give them a more unique and characteristic look. We will deal with both natural colors, pigments and dyes. You will also get to learn and practice soap making design techniques.

***Includes a compulsory individual practical that will be supervised by our tutors.

 Module 3 : Advanced Soap making 

This is a more advanced course. Here you will learn how to formulate your own soap recipes, how to choose the right oils, how to incorporate additives like milk, honey, botanical extracts and exotic oils to your soaps. You will also get to create your very own recipe.
***Includes a compulsory individual practical that will be supervised by our tutors.

Please note that Module 1 is the foundation of the entire course and is required as a prerequisite for taking Modules 2 and 3. This means that it is a dompluseorh module irrespective of your skill level. 

Your fees will include :
1) All materials (equipment and raw materials) for both the lectures and practicals
2) Drinks and light snacks during the training.
3) Automatic membership to "The Handmade Club" where you can get to interact with your tutors, past, present and future participants of our training courses - even after the courses have ended. The Handmade Club is a small community of like minded individuals from all over the country where you get two important things: knowledge and a support system. You will also be privy to new products, promotions and other information before it is publicly announced.

If you have any further questions, contact us on 08174887472 via text or Whatsapp.