Monday, 27 January 2020

Love is in the air at Soap et al.!

If you're on our VIP mail list then you should have already received the special gift we sent out this morning. If you haven't checked your email yet, then I suggest you do so now because you've got mail!!

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We are in full on #red4feb mode over here at Soap et al. 

So here are the terms and conditions related to our Valentine's Day special promo. This offer is nulled and voided if any of these are true.

- Order contains more than 4L of distilled water. 

- Total order weighs more than 6kg for home delivery. 

- Total order doesn't fit our standard mailing pouch bag (20x20).  
  - Our preferred delivery partners are not used. 
- Order is to be delivered outside Nigeria.  

- Minimum order quantity of N20,000 is not met. (Please note that this total doesn’t include VAT and delivery fee. It is the sum of total items bought.

Also note: This offer is not valid alongside any of our other promotions but is valid alongside bundle offers.

Kind regards,
Team Soap et al.